About Us

Triangle Development is a real estate development and investment company with a focus on entrepreneurial real estate opportunities including investment, development and asset management of commercial and residential real estate.

The success of Triangle Development is built on our experience and deep understanding of the dynamics of the real estate market. We combine a broad set of skills and experience from working in diverse sectors such as development, financing and advisory services. Our management team uses these skills to make sound strategic and operational decisions for the benefit of our partners and clients.

Triangle Development often collaborates in both development projects and investments with select partners. The Company has a solid track record of integrity and astute investments.

Triangle Development brings the well-bred knowledge and judicious experience necessary to guide you through the development and investment process.

Triangle Development's Acquisitions Department actively seeks, identifies, analyzes and acquires properties in Canadian and International markets. As the catalyst for the creation of wealth through real estate, our objective is to ensure that the aligned goals of the Company and our Partners are met.
For further information on what we look for, or to present potential properties, please contact: info@thetriangle.ca