About Us

Triangle Properties is a private real estate investment advisory and asset management company. We are a wholly owned and operationally independent subsidiary of Triangle Development.

Our entrepreneurial and personalized approach is unique in real estate investment advisory and asset management services as we act as a client advocate and fiduciary, developing customized strategies that consistently maximize value for our clients. We provide our clients with a 360-degree analysis of new real estate opportunities or potential issues with existing properties, achieving desired results through our keen understanding of the real estate and financial markets. We are committed to ensure that our clients are able to make highly informed decisions before real estate opportunities are lost or profits are impacted.

We have the depth and breadth of skill sets and core competencies that allow us to accurately observe, assess and provide real estate recommendations and strategies based upon the dynamics of the overall market, the micro-economics of specific markets, the property condition, the commercial real estate capital markets and the unique requirements of our clients.

Triangle Properties' professionals integrate platforms that leverage our expertise and hands-on experience in both the ownership as well as third-party service roles. Combining the best practices of each discipline, Triangle Properties creates and maintains a dynamic atmosphere together with the most loyal and trustworthy personnel that produce extraordinary results.

In the real estate industry, rigorous knowledge is the essence of power.