Asset Management Services

Triangle Properties' Asset Management team draws upon a deep pool of talents from the firm's professionals and other third-party relationships to develop and implement a property strategic plan that integrates hands-on active asset management, aggressive property management, effective marketing and advertising, leasing and repositioning strategies to maintain and create value at the property.

To meet the unique needs of our clients and individual challenges of each property, Triangle Properties utilizes a multi-disciplined approach in the development of the property strategic plan comprised of recommendations to improve the asset by creating optimal revenue streams and implementing expense controls, while being cognizant of market strategies and ensuring lease terms are negotiated and structured to be consistent with our client's investment objectives.

Triangle Properties' Asset Management team has created a strong bond with a wide spectrum of private and institutional real estate investors by employing custom designed strategies that maintain and create value with a goal of turning challenges into opportunities and successes.

Triangle Properties and its principals have earned a reputation for unparalleled customer service, timely response, efficient value maximization and commitment to our clients to treat the asset as if it was our own.

Our Asset Management services include: